The Benilight Story.

About Benilight

At Benilight, our vision is to revolutionize pain relief through our near-infrared light therapy pad. We empower individuals of all ages to embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle, free from limitations. Our goal is to set the standard for non-invasive pain management, providing trusted solutions for tissue, muscle recovery, and joint discomfort. We strive to make a lasting impact, promoting physical comfort and enhancing overall well-being.

"Benilight" is derived from the combination of "beni" and "light," signifying light that is beneficial for us. The prefix "beni" originates from Latin and conveys the meaning of "good" or "well."

  • Sungkyoo Lim, PhD | Idea

    Dr. Sungkyoo Lim has dedicated over 30 years to working with light and has more than 20 years of experience in LED photobio-modulation. His goal is to intro-duce the remarkable benefits of red and near infrared LED photo-biomodulation therapy to a wider audience around the world.

  • Yosik Song | Manufacturing

    With over 30 years of experience in precision manufacturing and a steadfast commitment to quality, CEO Yosik  has significantly imp-roved the quality of numerous devices. A notable accomplish-ment is subjecting the Benilight LED pad to over 300,000 repeti-tions in a rigorous bending test.

  • Sunseok Lee, PhD | Director of Research

    Dr. Sunseok Lee boasts over a decade of experience in the field of LED photobiomodulation ther-apy device controller develop-ment. His contributions span enhancing device functionality, ensuring mechanical robustness, and pioneering new devices for novel applications.

  • Name | Marketing VP

    Sales & Marketing and business development

  • Name | Chief AI Officer

    Management of Artificial Intelligence Mobile App for PBMt

  • Name | Chief Medical Officer

    FDA/CE MDR approval and customer consulting

Benilight at CES Jan. 2024 , Las Vegas

Benilight at Medical Japan Jan. 2024, Osaka

Benilight at Sushi Tech Japan May 2024, Tokyo

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