The Benilight Story.

Neuronic & Benilight Partnership

We at Benilight produce our devices in Korea, crafted from top-tier materials to guarantee quality. Significantly, we take pride in our commitment to in-house manufacturing, ensuring we don't outsource this critical process.

Benilight, with its specific focus on pain relief and muscle recovery, has formed a partnership with Neuronic. With its keen focus on neurological elements, Neuronic acknowledges the wide-ranging advantages of photobiomodulation (PBM). This collaboration between Benilight and Neuronic is aimed at harnessing the potential of PBM for enhancing pain relief and supporting muscle recovery.

Together, Neuronic and Benilight are set to lead advancements in photobiomodulation technology.

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About Benilight

At Benilight, our vision is to revolutionize pain relief through our near-infrared light therapy pad. We empower individuals of all ages to embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle, free from limitations. Our goal is to set the standard for non-invasive pain management, providing trusted solutions for tissue, muscle recovery, and joint discomfort. We strive to make a lasting impact, promoting physical comfort and enhancing overall well-being.

"Benilight" is derived from the combination of "beni" and "light," signifying light that is beneficial for us. The prefix "beni" originates from Latin and conveys the meaning of "good" or "well."

  • Sungkyoo Lim, PhD | Idea

    I have been working with light more than 30 years and working with LED photobiomodulation more than 20 years. I would like to introduce the tremendous benefits of red and near infrared LED light to many people.

  • Yosik Song | Manufacturing

    With 30 years in precision manufacturing and a strong commitment to quality, I've enhanced the quality of many devices. A key achievement is subjecting the Benilight LED pad to 300,000 repetitions in a rigorous bending test.

  • Harold Ramos Jr. | Project Lead

    As the project lead, I am collaborating with experts in the field of light therapy and engineers to offer customers the best products to help them with chronic pain and muscle recovery.

  • Robin Nel | Design

    As a graphic designer, I bring forth a dynamic and innovative approach to visual communication. I consistently produce graphics that captivate and inspire. My commitment lies in fashioning visually striking designs that not only meet but exceed expectations. With a blend of creativity and technical expertise, I am dedicated to delivering designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, making every project an immersive visual experience.

  • Marvin Schönauer | Coordination and Finance

    As a co-founder of Neuronic, I contribute to our team through my coordination. While Neuronic remains dedicated to its core focus on brain-related technologies, it is exciting to witness our expansion and the potential that arises from harnessing the power of light.

  • Liam Pingree | Business Development Advisor

    As a co-founder of Neuronic, I bring experience and a deep understanding of our clients' needs. While our primary focus at Neuronic lies in the realm of the brain, it's important to recognize that the impact of light therapy extends far beyond the brain itself.

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