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Benilight iLED Pro

Benilight iLED Pro

You deserve a life free from pain, a life where every moment counts. With Benilight, that life is within reach.

Harnessing the power of light, our near-infrared pad is meticulously designed for individuals like you who are determined to lead a vibrant and unrestricted life.

Features Tailored for You:
Flexible Operation Time: Choose from 5, 10, or 15 minutes of light to suit your needs.
Optimized Wavelengths: Benefit from a combination of 660nm (red), 850nm (near-infrared), and 940nm (near-infrared) wavelengths to target pain effectively.
Efficient LED Distribution: Experience thorough coverage with 88 units of red light, 110 units of 850nm near-infrared light, and 44 units of 940nm near-infrared light, ensuring comprehensive and effective performance.
Universal Input: Designed for global use with 100-240V 50-60Hz input.
Energy Efficient: Only 60 VA of power is consumed.
Compact and Portable: Dimensions of 50cm (L) x 13cm (W) x 1.5cm (H) and a weight of 0.650kg ensure it's easy to use anywhere.

Why be bound by tissue, muscle, or joint discomfort?

With Benilight, you're investing in more than just a light therapy device; you're investing in your wellness, comfort, and freedom.

Experience relief from inflammation, improved blood circulation, muscle recovery, and more.

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Red and near-infrared light therapy operate in different parts of the light spectrum. Red light (630-700 nm) treats the skin surface, while near-infrared (700-1200 nm) penetrates deeper to aid muscle recovery and pain relief.

How do I use the Benilight iLED Pro controller?

Do more with the Benilight stand.

Looking for a user manual? Click the link below.